Monday, January 18, 2010

Super Bowl 44, Vegas style!

With the new decade brings the biggest game of the year! Super Bowl 44 will be a test of the best. countless injuries, debates and bets have gone into this game over the past 5 months and it all comes down to this.

On February 7th, in Las Vegas's East coast sister, Miami, two teams will battle it out to be called the best of the 2009/2010 season. Luckily, this means a lot of activity and great deals in the City of Sin.

Take Blush ultra lounge at the Wynn as an example. They will be opening their doors at 2pm for the Game! this is unheard of for a nightclub and they will bring in plasma TVs to watch the game.

Steiner's: Nevada Style pub is offering playing credit, giveaways and free food and drinks during the game.

Drink specials can be seen all around the strip, Fremont and local venues throughout the city. So Grab your gear, sit back and enjoy the show wherever you choose.

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