Monday, January 25, 2010

I'll have a pint with those fries!

An article by the NY daily news has a scoop that Burger King will soon be launching a campaign to sell domestic beers in their fast food restaurants at select major cities.

"Hoping to tap a whole new customer base, the fast food chain has unveiled plans to peddle beer alongside their famous burgers at something they are calling a Whopper Bar.

The first one is opening in Miami Beach and will target thirsty tourists hitting South Beach, Burger King confirmed."

Burger king is hoping to reach a new market share with this idea and plans to roll it out to LA and here in Las Vegas.

Of course, this idea does come with some scepticism. I asked a UNLV student today if they thought this would change their decision for their meal choices, she replied "In Las Vegas, you can get a drink anywhere. What's next? a slot machine at Wendy's and Wine at Mcdonalds?"

Burger king is not the first company with this idea. Last year Starbucks launched an initiative to sell microbrew beers and Wine at select locations as well. What's Next?

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